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Ein Exkurs über Folkloretanz in Belutschistan

Der folgende Artikel ist ein interessanter Exkurs über die Kultur unseres Praktikanten Shabir. Während Folkloretanz in Deutschland bei jungen Menschen eher wenig Begeisterung erweckt, ist er in Belutschistan wichtiger Teil des sozialen Austausches, wirkt generationsübergreifend und bringt Menschen zusammen. 


Pakistan is a land of cultural diversity as the society is multilingual, multiethnic and multicultural. The cultural diversity can be judged from the fact that more than 70 languages are spoken in the region. Every ethnic group has its own language, cuisine, social habits, dance, music and arts. The colorful culture of Pakistan is highly detectable in rural areas.

Dance is the prominent aspect of culture and quintessential language of the world.  It has the power to break down barriers and bring people together. It is a source to inspire creativity, flourish connections, and enhance mastery. Some cultures are represented by their dance especially in the north western part of Pakistan. The Attan dance of Pashtun ethnic group and Chap, Lewa of Baloch ethnic group are vibrant style of dance practices in Balochistan province of Pakistan. With no exaggeration it has the appeal to make everyone step in and make a move into it.

The Attan dance is performed in the North Western region of Pakistan and eastern region of Afghanistan. The history of Attan dance is traced as early as 2000 B.C as it was the religious ceremony of early Zoroastrians.  While others have place it even older going back to King Yama’s celebration of Nowroz and warriors dancing around the fire. During King Yama's time, Attan was performed before going to a war because it was used to give the army the confidence that they could win the battle.  There are slight variations in Attan dance depending on the region of pashtun ethnic group.

In Attan, with accompaniment of drums and pipes the dancers gather into circle.  It starts with slow beat and steps. The moves gradually speed up and continue until the exhaust of performers.  Some time it continuous for two to three hours at a stretch without break.  In attan, dancers bring their hands out and clap inside the circle. As the beat gets faster the advanced performers add moves. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the number of performers. However most of the time it starts with a troupe of 50 to 100 performers. It is even more entertaining to see the circle of 200-300 dancers making a huge circle.  Each dancer performs till his capacity of exertion.

The Baloch ethnic dance practiced in Balochistan province is known as Do Chap.  The participants gather and perform in groups clapping hands with the movement of foot neck and head with balochi music. Other dances of western region are lewa, Latti, Hambo. Lewa dance comprise high portion of hand movements. Every dance is a short description of a tradition of a nation. It exists and serves not only as a culture bearer but also a culture creator.

Shabir Ahmed

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